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Once you have tried these homemade bagels, you will find it hard to go back to shop-bought ones.  Freeze well, so make a big batch & enjoy. 

Banana Bread

see "Cake" section below

Cinnamon Rolls

Oh wow - we love these rolls.  Have them for breakfast for a treat, serve as cakes in the afternoon with a cup of tea...simply divine!  They don't take too long to make (just a bit of resting time for the dough) and come out great every time.

English Muffins

Very different from cake muffins, these little beauties should be toasted and can be topped with pretty much anything - sweet or savory.  Made from a yeast dough, they are in fact baked in a pan on top of the stove - great to prepare a batch in advance and store in the freezer for a quick breakfast or snack.


A River Cottage favourite, try toasted, topped with a little pesto, slices of feta cheese and fresh fig for a lovely summery lunch

Hot Cross Buns

Another River Cottage-inspired recipe that is a firm favourite in our house - with or without the crosses, depending on the season.  In making this a number of times, I have found that some adjustments made even nicer buns - see the recipe via the above link.


A fun way to make delicious bread.  Pretzels are briefly blanched in hot water with bicarb before baking - the result is a lovely brown sheen and a soft bread that would look lovely at any picnic or in any lunchbox.


My kind of food - a flat bread that makes a good alternative to rice when you have curry or stew.  Ideal for scooping up food and mopping up sauce and quicker to make than you can say "flat bread".

Soda bread

If you have never made bread before, this is the ideal place to start.  Easy to put together, no waiting time - just delicious bread within minutes. 

Sourdough bread

Truly amazing and using only a handful of ingredients including "wild yeast" - found in the air around you.  And once you have established your sourdough starter (which might seem a bit of hassle at first), that starter is the gift that keeps on giving.  There are people who are able to keep their starter going for years, baking one beautiful loaf after another.  Well worth a try!

Tortilla Breads

If you usually buy these ready-made, think again - these tortillas are so easy to make and will save you a ton of money as well.  And you can make a batch and freeze them for later use - ideal!



Very versatile with your choice of seeds and dried fruit for a great start to the day.  I love this topped with fresh fruit and plain yogurt!

Egg Cups (or Croque Madame Muffins) 

Wow - these little beauties not only look impressive but taste absolutely divine!  Great as a Sunday brunch treat or for guests and easily adaptable for vegetarians, these are a fabulous and complete breakfast dish.   

Main meals / savoury dishes

Baked Trout

A simple but delicous meal for midweek when time is tight, this foil-baked trout goes well with new potatoes and a simple salad.  Quick & healthy - what's not to like?

Beef Stir Fry

Beurre Blanc sauce / Butter sauce

This sauce goes well with homemade pasta for a special occasion.  

Bubble & Squeak cakes

Burger Baguettes

An ideal mid-week dinner for all the family, this is quick to prepare and even quicker to cook.  No need to precook the meat - it all gets done in the oven at the same time as the bread is baked and the cheese melted.  Should go down well with kids and adults alike.

Casserole with Pork & Peppers (serves 2 generously)

A comforting dish that almost cooks itself whilst you watch your favourite TV show, do the ironing, ... This dish also works very well with chicken or as a vegetarian alternative with lots of vegetables such as baby corn & mushrooms, reducing cooking time accordingly.

Chicken Curry


Chicken Kiev

Much easier to make than I thought, homemade chicken Kiev is lovely!  You also have control over how much butter you want in your dish, making it healthier than most shop-bought versions.  And most importantly, you can use free-range chicken.

Chorizo Chicken

A fabulous meal for the middle of the week when you don't want hassle but tasty food nonetheless.  Can be adapted to include more vegetables.

Ciabatta Pizza

Quick and easy, just what you and the family might need after a busy day.  Served with a salad on the side, this is definitely a favourite in our house.

Dill Sauce

A creamy sauce that goes very well with fish and can be whipped up in minutes - try it with the salmon wrapped in pancetta and you will be licking your plate :-)

Fajita Bake

My take on Mexican food - an easy midweek supper or informal dinner for friends, served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream and some salad on the side...only a cold beer missing from the list. 

Fish Gratin 

Fish on a bed of spinach with a lovely creamy cheesy topping - what's not to like?

Fish Pie

This is definitely a favourite in our house!  Use a mixture of fish and include some smoked fish to create this delicious pie.  Serve with steamed vegetables or a simple salad on the side.

Fish Stew

One of Mr Happy Larder's brilliant and easy supper recipes - filled to the brim with fish & seafood and the flavours of the Med.

French Toast Quiche

Is it a quiche? A pie? French toast?  Maybe a bit of everything, this fabulous dish uses up old bread and ingredients that are easily to hand, making it the perfect fridge cooking recipe.


Delicious little potato dumplings that are so much better than supermarket prepacked ones.  Easy to make with just a few ingredients and they can even be frozen!

Lamb & Feta Burgers

What a nice change from "ordinary" beef burgers these make!  The feta cheese goes so well with this as does the coriander - perfect for a midweek meal or a summer BBQ.  If you cannot get hold of minced lamb, simply use minced beef or poultry.

Pasta with Broad Beans

I have amended this dish to omit the cheese but add garlic and fresh mint, finished the dish off with a squeeze of lemon - delicious!

Pasta Bake


Pork Tenderloin in Mustard & Cream Sauce

Tasty but easy to make, this dish is good enough to serve to guests but also serves well as a midweek treat.  Put anything from potatoes, pasta or rice and vegetables or salad on the side and you have a brilliant & complete meal.

Potato Gratin

A lovely and creamy dish that can accompany any meat or fish or can hold its own as a main course.  Add extra vegetables to make it a more complete meal and enjoy!

Potato Soup with Curry & Coconut milk

Potato soup with a twist - adding curry and coconut milk makes it a lovely warming meal and you can play with the flavours according to your taste.  Make it spicier with chilli or nuttier by adding toasted sesame seeds just before serving.


What a wonderful way to use up leftovers - a quiche with salad on the side makes a great meal!


Homemade pasta is much easier to make than it first looks.  These stuffed ravioli are great with a beurre blanc sauce.

Red Onion Marmalade

Tangy, sweet, sticky and perfect on top of cheese, this is a foolproof recipe for an onion marmalade that can be eaten straight after making (no need to leave to mature like most chutneys).

Roasted Vegetable Pasta

Another quick & easy midweek supper and great "fridge cleaner" recipe.  Using dry pasta makes this extra fast but you could make your own if you have time (see "Ravioli").

Salmon wrapped in Pancetta

This is a tasty twist on salmon fillet dishes - wrapped in pancetta and fried leaves you with a crispy parcel of fish that is still moist in the middle.  Great with potato gratin but also on top of pasta with a dill sauce this makes a quick meal for during the week but tastes so yummy, you might want to serve it to guests.


These little parcels are great as a starter or on a sharing platter and using ready-made filo pastry makes these much quicker to prepare.  Vary the filling to your taste and freeze any leftovers to enjoy another day.

Smoked Fish Pate

If you need a sandwich filling or party dip, look no further - this quick & easy pate/dip takes no time at all to prepare and is utterly delicious.  Very versatile, it is also great on baked potatoes, in wraps,...

Spiced Apricot Chutney

A lovely chutney that goes well with mature cheddar and crackers; in a pretty jar, this will make a great addition to a Christmas hamper and you can prepare it well in advance!

Spinach & Ham filled pancakes with Roquefort sauce (serves 4)

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Ideal as a dipping sauce or for use in stir fry dishes, this hot little number is easy to make and sooo tasty.
Tarragon Chicken with Mangetout & Rice (serves 4)

A great dish to serve as a quick meal to friends & family - tastes luxurious and impressive but is simple to put together.

Thyme Chicken

A lovely dish that can be served on rice or as a pie filling.  Very easy and quick to make and equally satisfying.

Trout Meuniere

A simple yet impressive dinner dish - incredibly quick to make.

Vegetable Curry 

- see also "Chicken Curry"

Venison Sausages with Red Onion Gravy

This dish is ideal for a midweek supper that feels a little bit more special than just bangers & mash.  Easy to prepare and very tasty served with mashed potatoes and vegetables of your choice with plenty of gravy for everyone as well. 

Wild Garlic Pesto

This pesto is a great way to get introduced to foraging - I used wild garlic growing at our local park.  Make sure you know what you are picking though to avoid upset stomachs or worse.


Butternut Squash Soup

This soup freezes extremely well, so make a big batch and enjoy the fruits of your labour for longer!

Mushroom Soup (serves 2)

Potato Soup with Curry & Coconut milk

Potato soup with a twist - adding curry and coconut milk makes it a lovely warming meal and you can play with the flavours according to your taste.  Make it spicier with chilli or nuttier by adding toasted sesame seeds just before serving.

Red Lentil Soup

Cakes & Treats 


Apple Crumble Cake 

(or in German: "Apfelstreuselkuchen") - this is a translation of the original German recipe (please note that I have amended/omitted a couple of items which are not readily available in the UK such as "Vanillinzucker" - a ready-made sugar infused with vanilla...not essential to the recipe)

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Think juicy apple, think cinnamon...these little muffins are simply divine and so quick to throw together.  Enjoy!

Apple Tart 

What a treat!  An impressive French tart that is straightforward to make and can be prepared in advance & frozen...if you can resist that long...

Apricot & Almond Cake (makes 12 pieces)


Banana Bread

Perfect for using up those squidgy old bananas; I usually make a loaf, slice it & freeze in portions for an afternoon treat at a later date

Black Forest Muffins

A great combination of marbled muffins, sweet cherries and a dollop of custard - if you find the average muffin just too dry, this is a version you might really enjoy instead. 

Blueberry Muffins 

Mr Hollywood at his best - I am yet to find a better recipe for muffins!   

Bramley Lemon Curd

This makes a nice change from "ordinary" lemon curd with a hint of apple - this could be the perfect filling for a Swiss roll... 


These are simply gorgeous...try with a little vanilla ice cream for a special treat.

Cheesecakes - mini

Easy to prepare in advance for guests and freeze incredibly well, these little baked treasures will go down a treat.  Use whichever fruit you like - I used cherries but blueberries, raspberries etc would go well as well, I reckon. 

Cherry & Vanilla Breadcrumb Cake (makes one large loaf cake)

If you need a new way of using up old bread, look no further.  A lovely loaf cake that replaces part of the flour with breadcrumbs.

Chocolate cake 

Fond childhood memories of Sunday treats - this super easy cake quickly became a favourite.

Chocolate cake 2 - a celebration cake

I love this cake!  It looks impressive but is easy to make - my kind of cake.  A rich chocolate cake that will be ideal for any celebration - decorate with chocolate fingers and top with more chocolate for an indulgent treat.  This is a Mary Berry recipe and well worth trying.  

Chocolate Chip & Hazelnut Biscuits/Cookies

If you don't have much time but fancy a treat, these biscuits are ideal.  The dough is made in seconds and they only need to bake for 10 minutes - perfect to go with a mug of tea.

Cinnamon Rock Cakes

A far cry from the dry cakes made in childhood, these little cakes take no time to make and are simple delicious, especially when eaten slight warm with a cup of tea.  

Cinnamon Rolls

Oh wow - we love these rolls.  Have them for breakfast for a treat, serve as cakes in the afternoon with a cup of tea...simply divine!  They don't take too long to make (just a bit of resting time for the dough) and come out great every time.

Coffee Walnut Cake

My husband's favourite cake - a hint of coffee, crunchy walnuts, light buttercream (that is not too sickly sweet or rich)...Perfect!

Date & Walnut Loaf

French Apple Tart - see Apple Tart

Gingernut biscuits

These great little biscuits go ever so well with tea and are thrown together in no time.  If you like ginger, these are definitely worth a try. 

Jam Cakes 

Lemon Shortbread

Lemon Syllabub

A creamy, fluffy dessert - easily whipped up.


Simple, tasty and ideal for using up leftover egg whites.  Keep well in a jar or tin.

Millionaire Shortbread

Pineapple & Ginger loaf cake 

Rainbow Layer Cake

A great surprise cake with colourful layers - use food colouring or natural colours (beetroot etc) to create this beautiful sponge cake.  

Rock Cakes - see "Cinnamon Rock Cakes"



Light and fluffy delights!  Make a batch and freeze some - defrost and pop in the oven for a couple of minutes to warm through, then serve with clotted cream (or butter) and top with jam for a traditional afternoon tea.

Strawberry Mousse cake

As light as a feather, the topping of this cake can be used as a dessert, filling for a Swiss roll or as done here, to top a sponge cake for a lovely summery treat.

Swiss Roll

Quick and easy, this cake is so versatile and can be filled with almost anything and made up in almost no time.

Throat Sweets