Thursday, 22 August 2013

The quest for a great veggie burger

I've been trying to go running a bit more regularly and have managed 3 outings this week, straight after the dog's morning walk.  I can feel that the exercising is doing me good - the only thing is that I want to eat all the time. ;-)  Guess my metabolism has been jump-started, so not to undo my good work I have been looking for healthy recipes to satisfy my hunger.

One thing that falls into this category and that  I love is a good veggie burger but finding one that doesn't have a mushy, baby food texture is not that easy. 

Well, I think I may have found at least one answer to this: chopped nuts - adding a few of those gives a great crunch and lovely taste to the burger.  Next time I may also add some grated carrot for an even better texture and to include more veggie goodness but these did turn out lovely just as they were. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I am hungry - now! ... Easy miso stir-fry

Miso stir fry
It's been a busy day today, so when it got to 6pm I was absolutely starving and needed food quickly. And luckily I already had this dish in mind - super fast, tasty and healthy: stir-fry vegetables, salmon, rice and miso soup.  The miso broth came from an instant sachet from our local health food shop - all natural ingredients, so I didn't mind using it (anyway, I wouldn't even know where to start making miso soup from scratch).

This was done in minutes (thanks to the cooked brown rice I already had) - you could also easily use quick cook noodles to make this satisfying dish.  I felt really full afterwards (in a good way) and will definitely make this again.  My kind of fast food!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Slow cooking the Mexican way - chicken mole

Keith the dog has been busy helping to put the finishing touches to the new kitchen over the weekend.  Not that he has been that helpful but who can be angry with such a cute bundle of furry enthusiasm? :-)

I've been meaning to write a post about a recipe I recently tried:
Chicken mole
Mexican chicken mole

It's a slow cooked dish with a deep rich sauce ("mole") - we had it with tortilla breads and guacamole and it was absolutely delicious!  As with many recipes there are lots and lots of versions for this dish but this one worked well for us.

What intrigued me when I first started looking at the different recipes was the use of dark chocolate in the sauce - it gave a lovely richness to the dish.  And being a slow cook kind of recipe it practically cooks itself whilst you can get on with other stuff :-)