Friday, 16 March 2012

To eat or not to eat...

Carrot cupcakes
After taking the dog for a walk this morning, I finished off the carrot cupcakes by decorating them with cream cheese icing and a few fancy sprinkles.  The cakes are not terribly sweet, so the icing works well with these.  Might have to make these again sometime... 

Now, as is probably obvious from this and my other blog entries, I enjoy food.  Having a meal either at home or in a restaurant, watching my favourite show "Masterchef" - it's all about lovely food.  But this makes me ponder the question whether it is right to enjoy, in particular, fine dining when there are people starving in the world who quite frankly couldn't give a damn if something was created with a cauliflower foam or jus de whatever.  And yet, I love watching and reading about and sometimes eating this type of food - is that selfish, inconsiderate...?

On top of everything else, the society I live in wants me to be a stick insect thin person, so I am supposed to be on a diet all the time and deny myself the foods I am lucky enough to have.  Great!  :-(  I guess at least part of the answer is to keep enjoying food, be mindful of waste and decadence and thankful to have enough (or rather: more than enough) to eat.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Good enough to eat

Millionaire decadent!
It's been a very foggy day so far and it doesn't look as if the sun will come out today.  The dog decided that the best way to deal with this type of weather is to go to sleep...he's only just waking up now after a 90 minute nap :-)  Whilst he was snoozing, I managed to prepare dinner and also finish off decorating the millionaire shortbread ( = caramel shortbread) I made last night.  I thought it wasn't going to come out right but it did in the end.  Sometimes I think we strive for perfection when what we do is already good enough.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stunning places

Now, I am not sure how 10 days have passed by since I last wrote a post - that's shocking!  But then again, we have had one of my sisters visiting from Germany for a few days, have had quite a few things going on anyway, so that the blog got pushed right to the back of the list of priorities.

In the garden, things are slowly picking up.  We have had some beautiful sunshine and can almost hear the plants grow :-)  Even my garlic is poking through the soil in the raised bed!  Tomorrow the potatoes will be planted in the grow bags and I will put some onion bulbs into the ground as well - the lovely weather is due to last for a couple of days, so we might as well make the most of it.  And in order to do exactly that, we took the dog for a beautiful walk to Cefn Bryn today - it must be one of the most stunning places on this planet with views that almost make me cry they are so beautiful. :-)  How lucky we are to be able to go to these places that are so unspoilt!