Friday, 5 April 2013


Typical - I've managed to stay healthy for over a year with not a sniffle in sight and just before we are due to go on holiday, I get ill :-(. Mr Happy Larder is on dog walking duties this morning and I will hopefully be back to normal soon.  Lots of hot drinks and vitamins for me and a bit of sleep - I usually fight these things off quite quickly :-).  For dinner tonight, we will just have a pork casserole - it's so easy to just throw together and leave to slow cook in the oven - the perfect food when ill as there is really just minimum effort required but you still get the goodness of a home cooked meal.

Talking of food and recipes, I have just realised that I haven't yet posted the recipe for the chocolate cake we had for Easter, so without further ado, here it is.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Of chocolate bellies and healthy choices...

I think I may have overdone the chocolate indulgence a little over Easter :-)  I was given a lovely large dark chocolate egg which was delicious...note the use of the word "was" - no wonder I feel ready to pop!  No regrets though - it's Easter only once a year (just as well).

The latest giveaway was really exciting for me as I was keen to share the River Cottage bread book and it was lovely that people took the time to take part.  Well done to the winner, Pigsmightfly!  I will do another giveaway next month, so it's worth keeping an eye out for the announcements.  In the meantime I will think of a suitable prize... :-)

I might have to eat a few lighter things over the next few days, so that I can still fit into my clothes after my chocolate binge.  One of my favourites is a simple fish dish: trout cooked in a foil parcel.  Not only is it simple and quick but it's also tasty and doesn't cost the earth.  The last time I made this, I served it with small new potatoes and salad. The whole thing takes less than half an hour to prepare and cook and for me, it ticks all the boxes when I want something a bit healthier to eat and don't have much time. 

Now all we need is the temperatures around here to rise a bit and this will become a regular on our summer menu...

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Giveaway winner!!!

It's 8:20am and I have just drawn the winner of the latest giveaway prize, the River Cottage Bread book....There were 6 lovely comments on Monday's post (plus one from me but that doesn't count), so I threw a die to get a number (4), counted down the list four places and found the winner...PIGSMIGHTFLY!  Congratulations!  Please email me your address (my email is in my profile) and I can send the book to you :-)

To everyone who took part, thank you so much!  There will be another giveaway next month, so please look out for the announcements.

I will write another post in a couple of hours with a recipe - just wanted to announce the winner first as promised :-)

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Great Easter Giveaway

It's Monday, 1st April and this is no joke:  here is the Great Easter Giveaway! 

The prize: a copy of the wonderful River Cottage Handbook Bread! 

I love this book and I hope the winner will too!  It definitely has become my bread bible and so far, every recipe I have tried has come out really well.  It is so well written and the recipes so easy to follow that even as a novice bread baker, I have found these recipes straightforward.

The rules:  as per the previous giveaway, simply leave a comment on today's post and I will draw the winning name out of a hat.  Given the time difference to some countries, I will draw the winner on Wednesday, 3rd April at 8am UK time, so as long as you have commented by then, you will be in with a chance to win.

Good luck and thank you for taking part!