Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Let the growing begin...

We spent quite a long time in my favourite garden centre (Fforest Mill Swansea) and picked out the things I'd like to grow this year. I got so excited looking at all the seed packets! :-) Luckily, I managed to restrain myself and stuck to the plan: seed potatoes, broad bean and tomato seeds, onion and garlic bulbs...oh, and another grow bag and tomato feed. I still have some lettuce seeds from last season, so I will give those a go again (lambs lettuce seems to be best here as the slugs don't seem to like it) but I think I will stay clear of carrots as I had pretty average results with those. Carrot fly got to it and I think I'll be better off using the space for something else. Maybe I can grow a few more herbs instead or courgettes or... so much for not getting carried away ;-)

I wish I could get out in the garden and sort out the raised bed and grow bags but it is raining quite heavily again and it is also a bit early for some of the seeds to go outside. So I will have to bottle my excitement and just do the planning from indoors. I can get the seeds ready to germinate, the potatoes ready for chitting and do lots of reading to find out what tips other people have.

Last year, I kept a garden diary but I think this year I will use the blog to keep track of any progress. It will be great to post photos and keep a visual diary of what is going on in the garden at the different times of the year. Here's to a year of vegetable & fruit growing success!

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