Monday, 27 February 2012

Old fashioned food

A little while ago I came across a recipe for oxtail whilst watching Rick Stein's Spain on TV and - never having cooked this before - was intrigued by what looked like a delicious slow-cooked meal.  By chance our butcher had some oxtail in at the weekend, so we bought one and prepared it yesterday by oven cooking it over a long time on a low temperature.  It'll go in the freezer today but when we do eat it, I will post a picture.  Judging by the delicious aroma and tasty gravy, I can already say that this is going to be a winner! :-)

I love trying out new things, especially using ingredients that are probably a bit old fashioned.  Often enough they are cheaper than the more popular ones - take fish, for example: cod is probably one of the most popular (and over-fished!) choices but we had whiting the other day, courtesy of our fish monger at Swansea market and it was absolutely lovely and very reasonably priced.  Just dusted the fillets with seasoned flour, dipped in egg and then breadcrumbs and shallow fried these for a couple of minutes on each side...yummy!

Other news: I am pleased to say that I finally got my first ever garlic into the ground yesterday!  It was a beautifully sunny day and I spent some time tidying up the raised bed and then planting the cloves.  I just placed each clove (ten in total), pointy side up approximately 3cm deep into the ground, leaving about 10cm between each to allow for enough space. Fingers crossed they will turn into fat bulbs to be harvested in a few months!

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