Thursday, 29 March 2012

More growing...

It is still absolutely glorious here and all the plants are busy producing buds, leaves and in some cases even blossoms.  How lovely it looks when everything is coming back to life after winter!

The tomato seeds are germinating nicely.  No signs yet of the pepper seeds germinating but I only put those in a couple of days ago, so no surprise there.  Outside the garlic and onions are continuing to make good progress and I can't wait for the first sign of the potato plants appearing - then it will be a busy time with earthing them up and keeping fingers crossed for a good crop :-)  Not too long now until I can start sowing lettuce seeds into the raised bed - we will go for lambs lettuce again as that worked really well last year but this time I need to remember to sow every couple of weeks for ongoing supplies.  I might also try gem lettuce but with extra slug protection (ie plastic covers).  I am still thinking about what else I could give a go... This time of year is just so exciting and I don't want to miss out on the chance to grow produce. :-)

I also can't wait for jam making time!  We will go strawberry picking then and I will make jam for the larder - the blackberry & apple jelly I made last year was very tasty indeed but we'll have to wait until autumn to replenish our supplies.  Still have a few jars left...

No news on the cooking/baking front - I have been making more rolls and bread but haven't bothered mentioning it here or posting photos.  Thanks to the River Cottage Bread book they are pretty much fool-proof...famous last words! :-)

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