Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rain at last

The plants are there...honestly!
Rain - finally!  We have only had a few light showers today, interspersed with sunshine but at least the ground is getting some much needed moisture.  It's not that I don't prefer sunshine - I have just been worried about the prospect of a hosepipe ban coming to Wales.

My raised bed and grow bags will also enjoy this weather - things are growing nicely which might not be too apparent from the photo but the plants are definitely there! :-)  I will have to check when I have to start earthing up the spuds - I can't remember what I did last year.  Garlic and onions are doing well and I think I will plant some lettuce amongst those to make best use of the somewhat limited space.

Lovely seeds...
The trip to my favourite garden centre Fforest Mill resulted in a number of small plastic pots for planting on the tomato plants and several packets of seeds ;-)  I could have easily bought so much more but I have to be realistic in terms of space available etc.  No point also in growing stuff we are not likely to eat, so I have restricted myself to buying lettuce, two types of peppers and a mini pumpkin.  I really don't know what it is with me an pumpkins but I'd just love to grow some.  Each to their own, I suppose :-))  I was saying earlier today that buying vegetable seeds gets me as excited as some women get buying shoes.  Which I guess gives you an insight into a) what is important to me and b) the state of my shoe rack.

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