Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Useful in the larder (Part I)

Do you have a favourite item in your larder?  Something you simply can't do without...either for cooking, baking or general household use?  On top of my list is bicarbonate of soda.  It is so versatile - have a look at some of its uses in the list below...
  • Sprinkled on carpets, it absorbs the dreaded wet-dog smell and can easily be vacuumed up, leaving the carpet smelling clean & fresh 
  • Dust your pet's fur with it to get rid of unwanted odours & brush out after a few minutes - it's not harmful to them, even if they lick a bit off
  • Put some at the bottom of your cat's toilet tray and top with cat litter
  • Keep some in a bowl in the back of the fridge to make it smell lovely & clean
  • Combined with lemon juice (or powdered citric acid) it makes a fabulous household cleaner...simply sprinkle into the sink, bath tub etc, add lemon juice & water for an eco-friendly way of cleaning your house
  • Add a little to your toothpaste for extra white & shiny teeth...

Once you have started using it for more than just baking, you may want to buy in bulk - that way it works out cheaper than if you just buy the standard boxes from your supermarket.


  1. Thanks for the tip for putting bi carb in the kitty litter, never thought of doing that. I will give it a go :)

    1. Excellent - I hope it helps! I use it a lot on our little dog, the carpets etc...works a treat!