Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lucky dip...baked sea bream

It's been a busy couple of days...we are having building works starting on Monday with a wall being demolished, the kitchen being ripped out (sniff...) etc, so we are having to box everything up. The end result will (hopefully) be a lovely space to cook and eat and we can't wait to have it all finished.  Since Keith the dog will most likely be too keen to help, we have decided to move out for the duration of the works - the builders will be living here in the meantime.

There hasn't been much time for trying out recipes whilst all this has been going on and we've been keeping it simple.  In fact, for the last couple of days we have been having a lot of leftovers from our freezer.  The thing is that I keep forgetting to label my freezer bags and boxes, so now and again we don't know what we will have to eat until it's been defrosted.  I call it lucky dip ;-)  Tonight we definitely were lucky as I knew what was in the package - sea bream.  I simply topped it with a bit of butter and tarragon and put some garlic and chorizo inside (using up some bits and pieces from the fridge before it gets turned off next week) - we then baked it in foil in the oven for 25 minutes at 180 degrees and had it with oven chips and salad.  Simple and delicious!

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