Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The simple life

It's week 2 of our building works at home and we are still in hiding at our cottage.  We are keeping things simple here - patchy internet connections have meant that we are not spending time at the screen.  Food is also simple - stir fry dishes, salads etc.  I made a quick & tasty soy and honey glazed salmon salad for lunch today. Yum!  What I miss though is making bread - I will make some wraps or roti tomorrow, just to feel like I'm doing some baking :-)  We had some shop-bought English muffins the other day and were horrified at the amount of sugar they contained (they shouldn't have any!).  Have you also noticed how much sugar is bring added to everything? I do like a sweet treat now and again but do we really need sugar in ham, bread etc?  I really don't think so!  Just keep it simple, I'd say!

I can't wait to get back to proper posting - please bear with me in the meantime.


  1. Hi Kirsten, hope you are soon back in your (renovated) home! You will really appreciate it after the lack of facilities in your cottage.
    I'm taking a lot more notice of added sugar in products as I'm now on a sugar-free (anti-Candida) diet, and you're right, sugar is added to so many things where it doesn't need to be! Not sure about it being in bread though, isn't it needed to help some breads rise? (maybe I'm wrong here)

  2. Thank you - you are right, we will appreciate it even more when we get back home.
    Good luck with the anti-candida diet! There's a great book by Erica White on the subject (you might have come across it already).
    There are some bread recipes that add sugar but you can just make it without (I always do) as I think the yeast thrives on the starch in the flour, so doesn't need additional sugar to work. Kirsten x

  3. Just stopping by to say a big thankyou as the wonderful soap which arrived in the post last night and its smells gorgeous. I even started using on this morning. So once again - thankyou so much. I don't know if I can use the cupcake though, its just too pretty - at the moment I am enjoying looking at it!!

    1. I am so glad you love the soaps - I do think they are wonderful! The cupcake one is especially pretty, I agree :-) Kirsten x