Friday, 8 June 2012

Stormy June

It is absolutely shocking out there today with what can only be described as autumn June!  The dog was not impressed when I took him for a walk this morning - we couldn't even go to the park because trees have come down there and it is just not safe.  I dread to think what my tomato plants outside look like ... if they are still standing.  The plants indoors are doing fine - here is a picture of my pumpkin plant shortly after watering...there are quite a few more flowers on the plant that aren't showing in the picture. Very pretty!
Pumpkin in flower...
Funnily enough the ones I transferred outside don't have a single flower yet - guess it is that much warmer indoors.  I really do hope that I will get some pumpkins this year since the only one I got last time round was snuffled by the slugs :-(

Given the weather, I have been using the time indoors to do some baking - fruit buns are done (see photo) ...can't wait to try one with a hot mug of tea to go with it.  Yum!  I also prepared some bread dough, so we'll have homemade bread for the weekend!
Fruit buns...

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