Thursday, 7 June 2012

An update

I've been away for a few days and thought it is high time I gave an update on what's going on in the garden.  The good news is that the potatoes are doing incredibly well and are growing nicely.  The same goes for the tomatoes and pumpkins - especially the ones I still have indoors as they are safe from the slug monsters.  And here we come to the not so positive news: the little monsters have munched all of my broad bean plants, even the new ones I planted under a protective cover :-(  When I checked this morning, a big fat slug was hanging upside down on one of the plants, munching any leftover leaves that had been missed during the previous feeding frenzy.  There I was dreaming of broad bean & feta salad and all I have is a great big fat slug!  Just as well we don't have to rely on my crops for survival!  I have decided to keep one pumpkin plant, the peppers and a couple of the tomato plants indoors to see if they will crop...fingers crossed!

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